Home Delivery Service

Free to Residents within a five mile radius of the Deli

For more information and prices please follow this link, or e-mail us at thevillagedelistorrington@gmail.com or by phone on 01903 744644.


We will do our best to fulfil your requirements and we aim to process orders on the same day / next day subject to availability.  We continue to work closely with our suppliers to maintain orders, most of whom are small batch local producers who during the pandemic continue to make regular deliveries.


We are now working with two local Butchers, Farncombe based here in Storrington, and Garlic Wood Farm from Steyning.  

Farncombe are a family run, high quality butcher who source the majority of their meat locally.  They are based adjacent to the Deli, so please let us know what you would like and I will collect it from them, and deliver with your order.  


The Garlic Wood Farm butchery is an ethical butcher who operate through their website.  Click on the Village Deli as your collection point and I will deliver this with your order.  The link to their website is shown below.





Payment can be made in cash - I'll let you know how much is due in advance of delivering, or by BAC's (Preferred).  You can also call me on 01903 744644 and I can take a card payment over the phone.



Delivery is free within a five mile radius of the shop.   For all other orders we will do our best to keep the delivery charge to a minimum - depending on location.  


We will do our best to support you through this uncertain and strange time.  To assist us, it would be ideal if you can contact us via e-mail.   


Thanks for requesting a delivery from the Deli, but more importantly keep safe.

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Email: thevillagedelistorrington@gmail.com   Telephone: 01903 744644

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