Quality and Service

Lets face it, Its Hard to get passionate about mediocre food, so at the village Deli we strive to supply the finest and freshest local produce. 


Our suppliers have been hand-picked with a clear emphasis on quality being our number one priority.  We proudly support and champion local produce whilst working hard on forging lasting relations with our suppliers.  We make it our business to know their stories so we can share their history and passion with you.

In working directly with them we can guarantee provenance, quality and integrity throughout our shop.

By trusting in their expertise we are confident in our conversations with our customers. We know where the product has come from, we know how it is produced and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.  We want you to walk into our shop and embrace the nostalgic 'kid in a sweet shop' feeling.  The sights, the smells, the tastes... we want it to be a delicious sensory overload.

We also hold regular tasting sessions in the Deli so that you can meet the maker in person, it's also a valuable to them as they get to meet you and hear your thoughts and feedback.  Keep an eye on our 'Events page, Instagram and Facebook for future tastings along with special promotions.  By doing so you can also keep pace with what's new into the Deli.


We would also be delighted meet you,  show you around and welcome your feedback... it is how we grow!